Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic

Course Description

The branch basically deals with conservation of the tooth, thus helps to preserve the natural dentition of the patient. The treatment modalities rendered in the department include restorative procedures for carious teeth and other defects of the teeth like fracture, erosion, abrasion etc. The branch deals with esthetic dentistry also. Various esthetic treatments like diastema closure, Veneers, Smile design, Tooth whitening etc are rendered to the patients at subsidized rates.

Some cases require advanced treatment procedures like complicated RCTs, Hemisection, Radisection, Apicectomy Splinting, Conservative bridges, Indirect esthetic restorations like porcelain/Composite inlays and onlays, Veneers, Endodontic surgery. excellent provision for all these procedures is available. The department has equipped two clinical sections; one for undergraduate students wherein basic treatment procedures are done and one for intern’s doctor where all advanced treatments are given. The department has all advanced gadgets like Endosonics, Laser, LED light curing units Composite furnace. The department has well equipped isolated operatory for surgical endodontic procedures as well as well-equipped ceramic laboratory and casting laboratory.