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Pathology & Microbiology

Course Description

Pathology is literally the study of sufferings more specifically it is a bridging discipline involving both basic science and clinical practice and is devoted to the study of the structural and functional changes in cells, tissues, and organ that underlie disease.

The four aspects of a disease process that form the core of the pathology are

1. Etiology (cause)

2. Pathogenesis (The mechanism of its development)

3. Morphological change ( Structural alternations induced in the cells and organ of the body)

4. Clinical significances (The functional causes consequences of the morphological changes.)

Under the heading of pathology the following subjects are included:

1. Pathology , 2. Microbiology, 3. Hematology, 4. Immunology, 5. Parasitology, 6. Virology, 7. Microbiology & 8. Clinical pathology

Usually pathology classes are start in second year in BDS.

Our Department consists of Professor of Pathology, Asst. Professor and adequate number of well trained lecturers.

Whole teaching staff are devoted to their duties and trying to train up the students up to the highest level.

We welcome the new students in this institution to avail the opportunities to build up their career as efficient Dental Surgeons.