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About City Dental College & Hospital

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Anatomy & Dental Anatomy

Course Description

Welcome to the Department of Anatomy with Histology at City Dental College. We would like to transmit important conceptual and practical scientific knowledge and comprehension to our students pof tinder concerning the structure of the human body, the organization principles of its cells, blood supply, tissues, organs and organ systems, as well as the structure of the peripheral and central nervous system. In addition to presenting a global view about the architecture of the human body to our students from the level of molecules to the level of organ systems, we always teach morphological sciences with a strong emphasis on functional and clinical correlations. The Department’s commitment is to train and educate the next generation of doctors & health professionals who will be able to meet the challenges of the twenty first century in all areas of health care and life sciences.

This department has rich collection of 70-80 histological slides which has been procured from India and Japan. Fifteen electrical microscopes has added precision and accuracy of the students a lot. These slides of various histological type undoubtedly helping the students of their acquiring knowledge.

There is wide collection of different Models of different organs and teeth, books, atlas, posters and Journals has enriched this department and has established it as one of the most modern dental anatomy department of the country.


To prepare the student in such a way that he/she can be able to understand structure of the or facial region, so that they are competent enough for dental practice.


To understand the comprehensive structure of human or facial pof tinder region and particularly teeth, Head and neck. To know the importance of anatomical structures and their applications in dentistry. To be able to identify each structure to encounter it properly during dental practice. To be able to understand positions of various organs radio graphically. To understand the general embryology and special embryology of head and neck. Their congenital anomalies which may be encountered during clinical practice.