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About City Dental College & Hospital

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Massage of Chairman

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I am grateful to Almighty Allah for giving me strength to establish this college and also help me in running this College for 23 years entwined with glory and success. This College is approved by the Ministry of Health Family Welfare; Government of the People “s Republic of Bangladesh . It is affiliated with University of Dhaka and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (MDC). It has an agreement of academic co-operation with Niagara University, Japan and Ho do Unive7:7-Y of Health Sciences. A Good Number of our graduates are currently pursuing Ph.D. t: )urn in Hc “..=.ido University, Japan, Tokio University of japan, North South University of Japan, Many of OW re now working USA, Australia, UK, Solidi Arabia, Dubai, Gambia, South Africa, Japan. \ talays ,:,-)urse Nepal and other Countries. Our College–.- Ats maximum emphasis on education and I can say very proudly that our students are good, keen and sincere in their studies. The best thing about an institution is to be able to kindle the fire of desire for learning, in the hearts of its students. I believe that our College has so far achieved this goal. Besides education, arrangements are made so that the students can participate in debates, cultural activities, indoor ,ames, seminars, international symposium etc. So far the achievements in these fields are also worth mentioning. The College is doing its best to help the students. Now it is the students who have to help themselves by remaining disciplined and studying very hard. They must remember that “God helps those, who help themselves”. If they want to do something and work sincerely, nothing can refrain them from achieving their goal. I believe in goodness of the soul and power of the mind and its my firm conviction that a student is always good but the system makes him do untoward things. If our system is gold our students will conic out with flying colors everywhere they go. The best way to accomplish a thing is to put in ones the best efforts. I request the students to put in their best efforts for achieving their goal. I urge the students to look at their self-image every night before a mirror and ask themselves if they have passed the day with fruitful activities. If the answer is in affirmative, then it is certain that they are going to make themselves extremely successful in life.

Prof. Dr. A.S.M. Badruddoza
MBBS (DMC), M. Phil (D.U1, MPH (D.U)
Chairman & Project Director

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